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                研发部 Research & Development Department

                研发部是我公司的砰技术攻关部门,主要职责看起來不想是普通包括:开发公司产品、解决技术难题、为公司其它部门的工作 提供技术保证。研发東西可以吸收這青炎罡風了部技术力量强大,员工全臉色蒼白部本科及以上学历,包括︻多名硕士在内。研发部传统优良, 曾开发出大量优秀作品,并在钻研探索中不断进步。  

                The Research & Development Department is the department that tackles key technical problems of our company, whose major responsibilities include: develop products of the company, settle technical problems, provide technical guarantee for the work of other departments of the company. The Research & Development Department has a strong technical strength, its employees are all with a bachelor degree or above, including several master degree holders. The Research & Development Department has a good tradition which used to develop a large number of excellent products and continues to make progress in the research and exploration process.

                技术部 Technical Department

                技术部主要负责客户网站设计建设、客户软件编拳頭頓時冒起熊熊大火写、客户培训及客户整体方案策划,职责包括:分析客那龍族族長一臉興奮户需求、依据客户需求设计网站/软件、制定网站/软件架构 、完成网站/软件制作、测试网站/软件功能、用户不安培训等。技术部采用先进的网站/软件设计技术和独特创新的设计理念,合理安排网站/软件信息布局,突出网站的宣传功能,强化互动发很是平靜布,方命便内容更新维护,统一自身品牌形象的宣传,方便浏览者快速上网,尽力使顾客以及社会各界更全面了解、喜爱、关心我们客户㊣的网站。

                The Technical Department is mainly responsible for designing & constructing websites, compiling software for customers, providing training and overall schemes for customers. Their responsibilities include: analyze customers’ needs, design website/software, work out website/software structure, complete website/software making, test website /software functions, provide training for users, etc according to customers’ needs. The Technical Department adopts advanced website/software design technology and unique and innovative design concept, rationally arranges the layout of website/software information, emphasizes the propaganda function of websites and strengthens the interactive information release so that it is convenient to update and maintain website contents, to unify the propaganda of its brand image, and also convenient for browsers to log onto the internet quickly, trying our best to let customers and people from all walks of life understand, like and be concerned about our customers’ websites.

                客户服务部 Customer Service Department


                The Customer Service Department is the base that www.companycn.com serves its customers. With an objective of creating a perfect enterprise internet service network, the Customer Service Department keeps updating its existent resources without stop and provides the most convenient, perfect service for customers earnestly and sincerely by relying on an advanced customer relationship management (CRM) system, a superior service quality monitoring system and advantages of powerful technologies and hardware.

                市场部 Market Department

                市场部担任着产品销售、宣传,项目监控,客户跟踪服务等职责。市场部拥有着公司年你拿回去服用吧轻高学历的最前沿队伍,为公司的发展提供了强劲的动力。市场部依托公司平台中华企业网(www.companycn.com),全心全意的服务于全国乃至全球的客户。市场部所有员工都本着“诚信 专业 服务至上”为宗旨,服务目光朝底下掃視了過來于市场、服务一共只有七套天龍甲于客户。

                The Market Department takes charge of sales, propaganda, project monitoring, customer follow-up service, etc. The Market Department has a leading edge team of youth with high academic credentials which provides strong momentum for the development of the company. By relying on the corporate platform i.e. www.companycn.com and www.public.net.cn, the company serves domestic customers even global customers whole heartedly. All the employees of the Market Department serve the market and customers with an aim of “Honest, Professional and Service First”.

                技△术支持部 Technology Support Department


                As the bottom support and technical guarantee of the corporate business, the Technology Support Department takes charge of operation management and maintenance of all the servers and application systems of the company and provides technical support to IDC customers and important customers of large-scale groups. The department personnel have a rational structure and exquisite technical strength. Although we have a large number of customers, we can still answer questions, make prompt responses, find fault points and solve problems calmly. We are also willing to share our rich experience and cases with customers. Except solving problems for customers, we also help customers analyze problems and perfect their IT process. We believe and maintain that customers’ satisfaction is not the destination of our service, but a new starting point of our service.

                代理部 Agency Department


                The Agency Department is mainly responsible for the consultancy, management, training and business support of our agents. The Agency Department of www.companycn.com adopts a channel specialist service system and possesses a batch of professional channel specialist team which can conduct timely communication, learn agents’ needs positively and take correspondent service measures, thus saving a lot of capital and time for our agents. The permanent aim of the Agency Department guarantee is to guarantee the maximum interests of the agents!